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Soil organic matter matters

With the Carbofarm programme, you benefit in two ways:

Improve soil activity and fertility

Receive financial compensation for the carbon stored


Reduce Production Costs

Optimize your production by reducing costs. Soil renewal technology focuses on improving soil health and maximizing your profit by getting the most value from your inputs, rather than just aiming for record yields.

Atmospheric Carbon Sequestration

Reducing CO2 emissions has been a public concern for decades. Large emitters like the steel and cement industries can offset their carbon footprint by partnering with regenerative farmers. These farmers can sequester carbon in their soils through practices such as reduced tilling, increasing carbon stocks, and optimizing inputs. In return, they earn carbon removal certificates, which can be sold on the carbon market.

Compliance with the New Common Agricultural Policy

The latest cycle of the Common Agricultural Policy places greater emphasis on enhancing biodiversity and reducing emissions. Key practices include reducing pesticide use, planting cover crops, minimizing soil disturbance, and integrating livestock. These methods align with soil health principles and enhance nutrient levels.

Principles of Soil Health

Context Awareness:
Understanding your unique farming context is the foundation. This includes your production and financial goals, historical production factors, ecological parameters, community dynamics, and philosophical beliefs.

Minimize Disturbance:
Reduce disturbances such as tillage, synthetic inputs, and chemical applications to protect soil structure and biology.

Maintain Soil Cover:
Keep the soil covered at all times with living plants or plant residues to protect it from erosion and extreme temperatures, and to support soil microbial activity.

Promote Biodiversity:
Encourage biodiversity in plant species, soil microbes, insects, and wildlife to create a resilient ecosystem.

Year-Round Living Roots:
Maintain living roots in the soil throughout the year to support microbial life and enhance soil structure and fertility.

Integrate Livestock:
Use properly managed livestock to stimulate soil biology and promote nutrient cycling through grazing and browsing.